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Maria Simonsson

Certified Clinical Herbalist

About Maria

Takoma Park Herbalist; Swedish Herbalist; Washington DC Herbalist, St Croix Herbalist

My first introduction to herbal medicine was on the beautiful island of St Croix, where we spend the winter months. I saw an advertisement for a workshop on “The edible and medicinal plants of St Croix”. We spent a fascinating day walking through the property of a young woman in the rainforest, looking at plants, touching, smelling and even tasting leaves. We made teas, and a healing salve. I was in heaven!

I went on to become this woman’s private student, and she became a good friend as well. Back in Maryland I sought out a formal herbalist training program and in 2018 I graduated from the Mid-Atlantic School of Herbalism after three years of study, at the age of 61. I have finally found my deepest calling in being a Clinical Herbalist.

Since then I have taken many additional classes, some of them months long; studied on my own, gone to conferences, listened to webinars on herbs and clinical practice, advised clients, made my own herbal preparations, given lectures, workshops and webinars, and generally lived herbalism. I am passionate about plants and about spreading the word on herbalism.

One aspect of being a well-rounded practitioner that I was missing was a deeper understanding of nutrition and diet. In order to fill this gap, I joined the Nutrition Herbal Collective in September 2022 and have studied with my mentor Rebecca Snow, and her team since then. It is an intense program and very comprehensive. I am learning about nutrients, deficiencies, supplements, food, processes in the body in more detail than I had ever imagined and I love every moment.

Along the way, I have also studied to become a Reiki Master. This energy healing modality can be a valuable added service for many clients.

My road to becoming a Clinical Herbalist was a winding one…

I was born and raised in Sweden, in a family that appreciated art and music and often spent week-ends in nature.

After getting a degree in International Business, I studied a year in Amsterdam, where I met my husband and then moved to the US. In this country I worked in finance, and then migrated over to Arts Management, and then to being a full-time practicing textile artist. Trying to make my art-making more environmentally friendly, I started researching plant based dyes, and that is when I was awakened to the amazing world of what plants can offer to us humans.

My practice is in Takoma Park, MD. At this time, I practice exclusively via Zoom, hoping to offer in-person consultations in the future.

Click here to set up a free 20 minute phone call to talk about your issues and how I can support you!

5 fun facts about myself:

  • I speak Swedish
  • I love black licorice, especially the salty kind
  • One of my favorite books is The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
  • I am good at making sauces
  • I don’t watch much TV – except I did love Extraordinary Attorney Woo

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(Hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 a.m. to noon Eastern, and by appointment. Via Zoom or phone.)

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